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In Austin, TX, homeowners pay an average homeowner’s insurance of $1,125 per annum. Average Home insurance rates vary between $119 to $1,748 based on home values. Vhome’s analysis reveals that Austin homeowners can save as much as $434 by making use of discounts provided by home insurance companies.

Austin homeowners earn homeowners insurance discounts of up to $281 on newly constructed homes. As the age of the home increases, so does the propensity for damage. This prompts insurance companies to increase home insurance rates for older homes. Austin homes older than 50 years attract an additional charge of $54 in homeowners insurance.

Homes in Austin earn substantial discounts on insurance rates based on their construction type. Austin homes constructed using fire-resistant materials and superior materials get discounts of $135 and $124, respectively, on their insurance rates. Masonry and brick homes receive a discount of $68, while homes that have a hail resistant roof get a $34 discount.

Home insurance companies tend to provide discounts on home insurance rates based on lifestyle choices of homeowners. Austin homes with a swimming pool increase home insurance rates by up to $135. Installing a fence around the pool with self-latching and self-closing gates can help homeowners get discounts from home insurance companies.

Austin homes equipped with safety features to prevent burglaries also earn substantial discounts on insurance rates. Texas had a property crime rate of 2,562.6 for every 100,000 residents. Homeowners can avail discounts of $45 and $34, respectively, on homes located close to fire stations and police departments.

Homeowners can also earn discounts on home insurance rates by paying a high deductible. According to a study done by Vhome, Austin homeowners can save up to $1,200 for a lock-in period of 8 years by opting for a high deductible of $3,800 in place of $1,800.