Arizona has one of the highest adoption of Energy Star certified homes at 48% of total homes in 2013. About 11, 500 homes were Energy Star certified in 2013 alone bringing the total to about 126,000.  One of the key reasons behind any successful energy star programs is an incentive program to jump start & increase the adoption of making your house more energy efficient.  

Here are some key Energy Star partnerships in Arizona to increase adoption rates:

  • Arizona Public Service (602-250-3455): Production homebuilders may receive incentives of $1,000 or $1,500 for ENERGY STAR certified new homes. Certified homes with a HERS rating of 60 or better without renewable energy may qualify for $1,500. Success with ENERGY STAR job site training, customized model home marketing materials, consumer brochures, program advertising and training for sales teams are provided to support builders success.

  • Tucson Electric Power Company (520-918-8326): $400 per home incentive for qualifying homes. Rebates of ENERGY STAR® AC/heat pump quality installation of $500 & ENERGY STAR® AC/heat pump quality installation with early retirement of qualifying existing system of $850

  • Southwest Gas - Arizona (800-654-2765): Smarter Greener Better Homes: Homebuilders must meet ENERGY STAR requirements. Rebates are paid based upon the home's HERS score

  • Salt River Project Agricultural Improvement and Power District (602-236-5900): Homebuilders can obtain $500 for qualifying new homes with a HERS Index of 71 or higher. Qualifying new homes with a HERS Index of 70 or lower can obtain $750 + $50 per HERS Index point below 70. An additional $50 per home testing and inspection subsidy will also be provided to the builder. Training, advertising, and customized marketing materials will help support the program.

Besides these incentives a few mortgage companies offer discounts for Energy Star certified homes. For example. Premier Mortgage Resources, Inc.  offers a .375% reduction in loan fees up to $2,500 off at closing. Discount is for certified green homes such as ENERGY STAR Qualified homes.