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American Home Shield

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Latest Homeowners Insurance Reviews

Positive Reviews & Ratings

Positive 5 Star Reviews & Ratings
5 Stars
I like that my home insurance company offers rate bundling, provides broad coverage, and has excellent customer service that is responsive and clear when I have a question or issue that needs resolving.
5 Stars
It would be nice to know more options to lower my rate, and sometimes its hard to find information about that and the insurance company doesn't proactively tell us about ways we can reduce our insurance bill.
5 Stars
Pretty much what I have been saying all along. They cover me without fighting me, they have great customer service, and they have a very rapid response time.
Positive 3 Star Reviews & Ratings
3 Stars
It's typical insurance, typical service and I really don't spend a lot of time thinking about it. I just know that it's there and I am not paying too an outrageous amount so I guess I like them on average.
3 Stars
I don't really dislike the company or have any complaints about them. They are an average company to deal with and something I don't really have a choice in doing since it's a part of my mortgage requirements.
3 Stars
I've had a good experience with them, and their communication and tech friendliness has worked out well for me. They've allowed me to have a protected home for a number of years, which I'm thankful for.
3 Stars
They have great customer service and their representatives are clear and knowledgable about their systems and products. The prices are always the lowest quoted from agents I've met and their stellar AM Best rating keeps me feeling in good hands.
3 Stars
This is a relatively small company with actual agents and adjusters locally which makes for easy customer service CD e and prompt, efficient claim service.

Negative Reviews & Ratings

2 Stars
Their products are very confusing. Maybe it's just me but home insurance is very complex and I do not fully understand what I am buying. I wish they did a better job at explaining what is covered in simple terms, rather than rely on me reading their complex policies.
2 Stars
This company is always looking for ways to raise rates such as age of roof or credit score. Their auto prices are very high so it's hard to bundle.

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