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American General

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Positive Reviews & Ratings

Positive 5 Star Reviews & Ratings
5 Stars
I like that they take the time to make sure all the claims are taken care of correctly. They either come out or send an inspector to check out the work done on all claims and make sure it was fixed correctly and they also make sure it looks right not wanting it to look like you had work done and didn't fix the entire room.
5 Stars
American General is a good company for anyone who doesn’t have great credit and they can get you started at a reasonable rate and keep you insured.

Negative Reviews & Ratings

Negative 5 Star Reviews & Ratings
5 Stars
I dislike that at times they can take the liberty of hiring their own contractors because sometimes they can have a busy schedule and want to rush the work and you have to micro manage them to make sure they aren’t cutting corner. I think if they would allow me to find someone locally I would have a better chance at getting better service and maybe saving them some money in the long run.
5 Stars
I would like it if there were more options in their packages but what they have worked and is very good it’s just you don’t have many options to move things around to get a perfect policy setup.

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