The Places Most Likely To Be Impacted By Trump’s Paris Accord Withdrawal

We closely monitor the impact of climate change on home insurance rates & as a result we analyze many disparate data sources including Census data, NOAA’s sea level riser data & TIGER shape files. The current publicly available data to understand the impact of rising sea levels & climate change is a census designation of coastal counties. However, just because a county is designated as coastline does not mean that all places within the county are adjacent to the coast & most impacted by rising sea levels.

We went one level deeper & studied census tracts within coastal counties & analyzed which census tracts were ...

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Who are the best home insurance companies in the U.S ?

Choosing the right home insurance company is much more than picking a company offering the lowest premiums. Owning a home is a major financial accomplishment and one of the biggest investments you will make in your life. You must protect your investment by choosing an insurance company with the perfect blend of coverage options, financial strength and dedicated customer service. Although an affordable premium is an attractive option, it should never be the only option.

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Factors that Influence Home Insurance Quotes

When you apply for a homeowners insurance policy, the carrier’s primary concern is always the risk. Greater the risk of you incurring a loss and submitting a claim, higher the cost of your policy. That being said, there are some specific factors carriers look at that may influence your home insurance quotes. Some of them are listed here

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How to get cheap renters insurance quotes

If you rent a home or apartment, you may have heard of renters’ insurance, which protects your belongings in the event they are stolen or damaged under certain circumstances. Here’s everything you need to know about renters’ insurance.

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Considering a Tesla Solar Roof? Here’s How it Will Impact Your Homeowner’s Insurance

The clean energy movement is a buzz with its latest breakthrough: The Tesla solar roof. Unlike bulky solar panels that jut out of your roofline and call attention to themselves, the Tesla solar roof is made of smooth tiles that look like a regular roof – some would say they’re even more aesthetically pleasing. They collect energy from the sun and store it until your home needs it, eliminating the need for electrical power from another source.

Consumer interest in these revolutionary roofs is off the charts, but companies that provide homeowner’s insurance are a little more dubious. The ...

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Ajit Jain’s Contribution to Berkshire Hathaway Insurance

Berkshire Hathaway is the big daddy of the insurance world. In that world, Ajit Jain, Warren Buffett’s likely successor, runs the Berkshire Hathaway Reinsurance division and is the central piece of the Berkshire Hathaway Insurance machine.
As part of our analysis of the big picture drivers of the insurance industry, we looked at Ajit Jain’s contribution. Here are some charts & data explaining Ajit Jain’s contribution to Berkshire Hathaway.

Ajit Jain’s BH Reinsurance Float Contribution

Float makes the insurance world go around. In fact, the reason for Berkshire’s outperformance over the years is the access to ...

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Google Fusion Tables Maps: Step by Step Guide Using Home Insurance Rates Data

At we love data, visualizations and showing complicated data & figures in simple and understandable ways. We have been experimenting with different tools to visually show our extremely detailed location specific Homeowner Insurance data (e.g. See Houston Home Insurance).
Here we have given a detailed step by step guide on how to use Google Fusion Table data, a free service by Google to visualize and represent data on a map.

Step 1: Go to Google Fusion Tables

You must have a Google Account to start using Fusion Tables. If you don’t have a Google Account sign up ...

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Climate Change will increase your home insurance

One of key macro trends affecting your home insurance rates is the increased risk of climate change & its resulting impact on extreme weather events.  Here for example is a chart from Allianz Global from on some of the costliest storms for the Insurance industry.

Of course, Post Sandy home insurance rates sky rocketed to sometimes more than $20,000 in rare cases. These rate increases are not just a post sandy phenomenon. Munich Re one of the largest re-insurance companies in the world put our research asserting that rising sea levels had increased the risk of catastrophic events.

To understand ...

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Ranking of States in Adoption of Energy Star certified homes

Arizona, Nevada and Maryland were the top 3 states in the adoption of Energy star certified homes in 2013 at 48%, 28% & 24% respectively. Adoption is the percentage of Energy star certified homes of total homes built in 2013.

After the top 3 states, the following 9 states came next and had an adoption rate of more than 10%

  1. Vermont: 18.9%

  2. Delaware: 18.9%

  3. North Carolina:  14.7%

  4. Texas: 14.1%

  5. Iowa: 14.1%

  6. New Hampshire: 13.2%

  7. Idaho: 12.9%

  8. Ohio: 11.2%

  9. New Mexico: 10.7%

The performance of Arizona, Florida & North Carolina is especially notable since ...

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Personal Involvement & close working relationships with builder is key in Energy Star Certification

Energy Star certified homes must be at least 30% more energy efficient than national guidelines or 15% more efficient than state guidelines, whichever is stricter. However, the process of certification requires a close co-ordination between the home owner, the builder & the energy rater.

Building science principles to get Energy Certifiedare multi faceted & home owners needs to familiarize themselves with different inter-related concepts including:

  • Comprehensive Thermal Enclosure System through air sealing, insulation, and high-performance windows

  • More energy efficient heating and cooling systems through High-efficiency systems that deliver better moisture control & improved indoor air quality

  • Water Management System to protect roofs ...

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Arizona’s Incentives Drive High Adoption of Energy Star Certified Homes

Arizona has one of the highest adoption of Energy Star certified homes at 48% of total homes in 2013. About 11, 500 homes were Energy Star certified in 2013 alone bringing the total to about 126,000.  One of the key reasons behind any successful energy star programs is an incentive program to jump start & increase the adoption of making your house more energy efficient.  

Here are some key Energy Star partnerships in Arizona to increase adoption rates:

  • Arizona Public Service (602-250-3455): Production homebuilders may receive incentives of $1,000 or $1,500 for ENERGY STAR certified new homes. Certified ...

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Latest State Home Insurance Reviews

Washington Home Insurance Reviews

They're well-established, reputable, and I like having a local office. They've always been able to help me when I need it, the one time I needed to file a claim everything went smoothly, and their rates are the same or better than other companies.

Florida Home Insurance Reviews

Good communication, quick to action, thorough.

New Jersey Home Insurance Reviews

They have affordable prices for the policies and offer bundle plans that we will be checking into. I haven't had to make a claim yet but I expect it to go well.

Nebraska Home Insurance Reviews

The premiums are highly satisfactory. The coverage is what we need and I am happy with that. They offer different options for our coverage and it works for us and premiums go up but not a lot per year.

New York Home Insurance Reviews

I like the website. I like the ease of comparing policies and purchasing online. I like the name; it has a good overall reputation.

Pennsylvania Home Insurance Reviews

They are always very friendly and try to look out for me and my family's best interest.

Colorado Home Insurance Reviews

USAA really puts the customer first. They are easy to work with and make it a pleasure to conduct business. I will be a USAA member for life.

Georgia Home Insurance Reviews

I like that's can pay my bill online and that they have a frequently asked questions page that I can access anytime.

Indiana Home Insurance Reviews

We know who they are by name and they are always good at pointing out details that we did not know. We have bundled up many services with them. This is a huge saving.

Michigan Home Insurance Reviews

My insurances customer service and claims process have made me a loyal customer. Though they are not the cheapest homeowners insurance around I believe they are the best company for me.

Oregon Home Insurance Reviews

They are generally prompt and fair. They give us individualized attention and try to make the paperwork as easy as possible for us. I like that I know with whom I'm speaking when I call and that she knows who I am by name.

Latest Home Insurance Reviews

State Farm
The premiums continue to grow with each passing year across multiple policies, and in general, there appears to be less and less human contact with respect to servicing these policies.
American Modern Insurance
They aren't proactive at all. I have never heard from them. I only know I have the insurance because I call.
Farm Bureau
I don't like the annual calls from the patent office to set up policy reviews. They always say "your agent wants to meet with you," which isn't really the case. They want me to meet with the agent. I wouldn't mind if our agent's direct employees were calling or emailing every other year or so to say, "Is everything still the same?" Or, "I see your child just turned 16. Is he driving yet?" because that feels more personal, as though he were looking out for our needs, but the calls from the parent office really feel like "We want to sell you more insurance."
The rate could be lower but then again that would only lower claim payouts, you get what you pay for in most cases.
Liberty Mutual
Their communication is below average, and their website and apps also seem to lag behind that of their competitors.
Peninsula Insurance
The only thing I dislike about this company is that they are a little small. Which means a lot of claims may be made and that makes my prices go up!
Liberty Mutual
There are a few points that I do not like, but as far as the interaction with its users is failing and as for the page, important information is always needed in that aspect
Farmer's Insurance
Cheaper prices would, of course, be nice, however, I don't have any dislikes to state at this time. We've never had to actually file a claim, so it's a little bit of a concern that they will actually follow through when needed, but they are reputable and have been in business for quite a while.
I guess they could be more advisory, especially to someone who really does not know how to make a claim.
Farmer's Insurance
The mobile site is not the greatest quality. I would also like to have certain things covered by my policy that is not covered such as 'acts of God'.
Crum & Forster Insurance
Yes, dislike the company because worst customer choices and the behaviors will be not deliverable to the others companies it is not predictable for the other customers.
The spam. The unsolicited paper mail. I unsubscribed, but then I missed something important so I had to put it back on. The app didn't notify me. I just wish the communication could be slimmed down.
I suppose they don't have a local office which would be irritating if I was unable to get in contact with them so easily.
Farmer's Insurance
I would like it if the documents were easier to find. But honestly, that's about it, unless they want to lower my cost, but it really is fine.
People's Trust Insurance
The only problem I have is the wait time to speak to someone and the loud music playing in back
I dislike that Geico representatives don't have any rewards, low payment offers or advantages for successfully not filing a claim each year.
I dislike their rates, even though they are lower than their competitors. Insurance, in general, is overpriced in my opinion. My insurance company is better than most.
I dislike that I have to wait on hold forever because the website doesn't allow you to make small changes efficiently.
Safeco Insurance
They could always be cheaper, but overall they have been cheaper than 4 other companies I've called and requested a quote for. This is the only dislike I have.
State Farm
they are not customer friendly after u buy the policy once one of neighbor made a claim due to the small fire in his home they never responded properly and made the claim process tedious for him.
American National Property And Casualty Company
I don't like the fact that when agents change or leave that the customers are just automatically assigned someone even if they are not in your area. I know that they will replace an agent in your area when one leaves, but it would be nice to communicate this is a more professional way than you logging into your account and seeing a new agent.
Marion Mutual
No company is perfect, but my one complaint is like everyone else prices keep going up. Every year we have to dig deeper into our pockets to pay the premium. Really don't like that, but it follows the increase in home valuation.
Amica Mutual Insurance
What I do not like is your web portal, since it only works during the day, and it would be important to have it enabled for the night as well in case of an emergency
State Farm
I do understand that State Farm is not offering the least costly policies. So yes I would like to see cheaper rates. But I feel despite the cost they are reliable.
Liberty Mutual
what I do not like is their customer service they are slow when they are called and they do not answer calls right away
State Farm
I was not happy with the customer service, covered up fees, not being explained to as a new client should be, and do business in an untimely matter
But where we live is not in a flood zone, so we don't have flood coverage. We were not able to settle a claim because of this. I wish that more companies such as this one would offer that coverage.
State Farm
They send too much mail that is irrelevant, and their app doesn't work as well as it could
The only thing I could complain about really is the way they pass you along to one rep after another during your customer service calls.
Grange Insurance
Grange has great coverage, at a great price. They even bundle your home and auto together at a reduced rate. They've been very good to us.
State Farm
Good service and good rates, especially given that we bundle. If we were dissatisfied, we would have switched by now.
American Family
Overall I am happy with AmFam as they have always done right by me and my family. The claim process is fairly fast and easy to get through never really had a hassle as far as that is concerned and their support team is always available for any questions you have.
People's Trust Insurance
American Family
My insurance company is a decent company, but it is not the biggest. Therefore they may not have all of the features of the larger insurance companies, but that also means they do not have the bureaucracy. Overall I am very satisfied with their service, just not the pricing.
State Farm
We have been using State Farm for all of our Auto, Homeowners and Rental insurance needs. The customer service dept. has always been friendly, polite and knowledgeable. State Farm give me the best rate most of the time. and the pocket agent app can be improved.
Westfield Insurance
Farmer's Insurance
I just very recently transferred to farmers insurance so, I have no experience with them yet.
American Family
I like everything about my insurer. Having over 25 years of experience doing commercial brokerage insurance myself, I recognize quickly if an agent just wants to get numbers or are they really interested in doing business with you.
State Farm
Has done everything we could want an insurance company to do. Haven't had to use it much over the many years but know it will be a great experience if we do.
State Farm
I love this company, there isn't anything I would change about it or that I would go to a different company. they are always there and the service is always excellent.
State Farm
I like that they are efficient and give good customer service and are always there to help you with any questions you have.
State Auto
I like the service I like the security they provide I really like the application moil allows me to have the control and in general is good service
The company has good customer service and things are really covered. This is also a good thing about them because you never know when something can happen.
American Family
The rep is the deciding factor in doing business with American family General. He works diligently and gets me the best price.
Century National
Professional, low cover with quality coverage, helpful customer service, not pushy.