The Places Most Likely To Be Impacted By Trump’s Paris Accord Withdrawal

We closely monitor the impact of climate change on home insurance rates & as a result we analyze many disparate data sources including Census data, NOAA’s sea level riser data & TIGER shape files. The current publicly available data to understand the impact of rising sea levels & climate change is a census designation of coastal counties. However, just because a county is designated as coastline does not mean that all places within the county are adjacent to the coast & most impacted by rising sea levels.

We went one level deeper & studied census tracts within coastal counties & analyzed which census tracts were ...

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Who are the best home insurance companies in the U.S ?

Choosing the right home insurance company is much more than picking a company offering the lowest premiums. Owning a home is a major financial accomplishment and one of the biggest investments you will make in your life. You must protect your investment by choosing an insurance company with the perfect blend of coverage options, financial strength and dedicated customer service. Although an affordable premium is an attractive option, it should never be the only option.

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Factors that Influence Home Insurance Quotes

When you apply for a homeowners insurance policy, the carrier’s primary concern is always the risk. Greater the risk of you incurring a loss and submitting a claim, higher the cost of your policy. That being said, there are some specific factors carriers look at that may influence your home insurance quotes. Some of them are listed here

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How to get cheap renters insurance quotes

If you rent a home or apartment, you may have heard of renters’ insurance, which protects your belongings in the event they are stolen or damaged under certain circumstances. Here’s everything you need to know about renters’ insurance.

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Considering a Tesla Solar Roof? Here’s How it Will Impact Your Homeowner’s Insurance

The clean energy movement is a buzz with its latest breakthrough: The Tesla solar roof. Unlike bulky solar panels that jut out of your roofline and call attention to themselves, the Tesla solar roof is made of smooth tiles that look like a regular roof – some would say they’re even more aesthetically pleasing. They collect energy from the sun and store it until your home needs it, eliminating the need for electrical power from another source.

Consumer interest in these revolutionary roofs is off the charts, but companies that provide homeowner’s insurance are a little more dubious. The ...

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Ajit Jain’s Contribution to Berkshire Hathaway Insurance

Berkshire Hathaway is the big daddy of the insurance world. In that world, Ajit Jain, Warren Buffett’s likely successor, runs the Berkshire Hathaway Reinsurance division and is the central piece of the Berkshire Hathaway Insurance machine.
As part of our analysis of the big picture drivers of the insurance industry, we looked at Ajit Jain’s contribution. Here are some charts & data explaining Ajit Jain’s contribution to Berkshire Hathaway.

Ajit Jain’s BH Reinsurance Float Contribution

Float makes the insurance world go around. In fact, the reason for Berkshire’s outperformance over the years is the access to ...

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Google Fusion Tables Maps: Step by Step Guide Using Home Insurance Rates Data

At we love data, visualizations and showing complicated data & figures in simple and understandable ways. We have been experimenting with different tools to visually show our extremely detailed location specific Homeowner Insurance data (e.g. See Houston Home Insurance).
Here we have given a detailed step by step guide on how to use Google Fusion Table data, a free service by Google to visualize and represent data on a map.

Step 1: Go to Google Fusion Tables

You must have a Google Account to start using Fusion Tables. If you don’t have a Google Account sign up ...

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Climate Change will increase your home insurance

One of key macro trends affecting your home insurance rates is the increased risk of climate change & its resulting impact on extreme weather events.  Here for example is a chart from Allianz Global from on some of the costliest storms for the Insurance industry.

Of course, Post Sandy home insurance rates sky rocketed to sometimes more than $20,000 in rare cases. These rate increases are not just a post sandy phenomenon. Munich Re one of the largest re-insurance companies in the world put our research asserting that rising sea levels had increased the risk of catastrophic events.

To understand ...

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Ranking of States in Adoption of Energy Star certified homes

Arizona, Nevada and Maryland were the top 3 states in the adoption of Energy star certified homes in 2013 at 48%, 28% & 24% respectively. Adoption is the percentage of Energy star certified homes of total homes built in 2013.

After the top 3 states, the following 9 states came next and had an adoption rate of more than 10%

  1. Vermont: 18.9%

  2. Delaware: 18.9%

  3. North Carolina:  14.7%

  4. Texas: 14.1%

  5. Iowa: 14.1%

  6. New Hampshire: 13.2%

  7. Idaho: 12.9%

  8. Ohio: 11.2%

  9. New Mexico: 10.7%

The performance of Arizona, Florida & North Carolina is especially notable since ...

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Personal Involvement & close working relationships with builder is key in Energy Star Certification

Energy Star certified homes must be at least 30% more energy efficient than national guidelines or 15% more efficient than state guidelines, whichever is stricter. However, the process of certification requires a close co-ordination between the home owner, the builder & the energy rater.

Building science principles to get Energy Certifiedare multi faceted & home owners needs to familiarize themselves with different inter-related concepts including:

  • Comprehensive Thermal Enclosure System through air sealing, insulation, and high-performance windows

  • More energy efficient heating and cooling systems through High-efficiency systems that deliver better moisture control & improved indoor air quality

  • Water Management System to protect roofs ...

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Arizona’s Incentives Drive High Adoption of Energy Star Certified Homes

Arizona has one of the highest adoption of Energy Star certified homes at 48% of total homes in 2013. About 11, 500 homes were Energy Star certified in 2013 alone bringing the total to about 126,000.  One of the key reasons behind any successful energy star programs is an incentive program to jump start & increase the adoption of making your house more energy efficient.  

Here are some key Energy Star partnerships in Arizona to increase adoption rates:

  • Arizona Public Service (602-250-3455): Production homebuilders may receive incentives of $1,000 or $1,500 for ENERGY STAR certified new homes. Certified ...

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Latest State Home Insurance Reviews

Arkansas Home Insurance Reviews

how quickly the rates are increasing on my car and home. I've never had an accident and never had a home claim, so I would like to get lower rates, not higher every year.

Missouri Home Insurance Reviews

The car insurance was more expensive before discounts. There were home discounts for my new roof.

Texas Home Insurance Reviews

there is nothing dislike the company which will provide all the necessary plans and helps to select and remember when tho paid and when to renewal

Florida Home Insurance Reviews

There is not much that I dislike about the company that when you make a claim it takes them a long time to get the claim money.

Oregon Home Insurance Reviews

I've never actually met my insurance agent in person, and have no idea where they are physically located. Other than this small caveat, I am pretty darn satisfied with the insurance overage I have, and my insurance representatives.

Virginia Home Insurance Reviews

i loved there customer support system I Love "AllState" when I had a problem you went out of your way, you have a top executive call to make the problem go away,I am in good hands.

Georgia Home Insurance Reviews

Travelers insurance has very good customer support service. They respond to all my inquiries very quickly. I get good rates on all my policies.

Georgia Home Insurance Reviews

Never had a problem with the company. If I ever need to contact them or as a question, they're always friendly and helpful.

Latest Home Insurance Reviews

State Farm
When we had a small fire they immediately came out to check on us.
I would rate USAA as a 4 out of 5. I like that I can get great coverage at a fair price. It is easy to communicate with them and I also like that I can get in touch without having to call.
Allstate has the best coverage out of everyone available in my area. Their service might not be the best but ive never paid more than my friends
State Farm
I like company because they provide excellent services for my insurance needs
I like the customer service this company provides. It is quick and helpful and I give it a 5 on the scale.
allstate offers all the comprehensive coverage that I need. I am quite satisfied with the offerings and how they deliver on claims.
Assurant Specialty Property
AS home insurance is one of the best home insurance company. because this company have very good customer service and have to friendly approach.
Prices are cheaper then other companies.. Travellers offer a good plan in comparison to other companies.
Farm Bureau
Service is prompt and efficient. They pay out on time. Insurance does not cover things like foundation work., but they are no different than any other insurance company in that respect. They are expensive, but so are the rest of them.
Farmer's Insurance
Its a good company i have never had issues. They always told me about changes that might happen, they are super friendly and made me feel protected.
I like the premium amount monthly and the customer service experience
We have had the same insurance for over 25 years. The company has always been helpful, assisted during moves and staff has always been available when needed.
State Farm
State Farm has been my insurance agent for 15 years. I enjoy the services they offer i rate them a 4 out 5 only because i think the price is a little on the steep side.
State Farm
you get a personalized quote to meet your needs and there are no set limits on reimbursements for a good price.
The insurance is affordable and they make it easy to pay my bill. I like being able to pay online. I prefer not to talk to people.
I have my car insurance with them, so add home insurance with them too. They are fast to process claim. and Price is good too. I am satisfied with them.
The premiums and coverage that Allstate offers is very reasonable for my income and lifestyle. They are quick with the response time for claims even around holiday times.
The Hartford
Very Good Customer Service. Pricing is very good. Being older, it makes me feel more at home with this company. Not unknown like some of the Online Companies.
State Farm
This company provide immediate action on our situation , there is no delay in there process. They take within 15 days time to approve payment on your damages that is claimed to insurance company. And easy to talk with there customer care.
Erie Insurance
Erie provides excellent customer service, offers highly competitive pricing, and outstanding claims service. They are selective about who they insure.
It was easy to setup my policy, I can make online payments, and when my house was broken into, the claims were settled quickly and painlessly.
Horace Mann Educators Corporation
I like that the prices of the insurance are below competitors and it is affordable. The coverage is adequate with the cheaper premiums.
American Family Insurance
They have been a reliable company for me and my family for many years, and have always worked to help me get the most out of my insurance coverage. Their staff are friendly and helpful, and have always been there for me with my car insurance prior to owning a home.
State Farm
I liked State Farm because there were familiar employees at the office. With other companies, I dealt with low-level representatives.
I am completely satisfied with this company been with them for years and they have never let me down.
The company has great banch service. However it it goes outside of local vincinities it will take longer to grt your claim handled.
I like that All State is easy to use and is very friendly. They are a reputable company with lots of history and it isn't some no name brand you hear about on the radio. They provide good service.
State Farm
State farm offers low rates on term policies, With affordable term plans, discounts on auto policies and an online claims process, State Farm is a good choice for basic life insurance coverage.
State Farm
I love my State Farm Insurance company, they are always nice and have the best customer service. I think I would rate it on a scale of 1.
State Farm
I like the prices of State Farm and the amount of coverage they provide. Their coverage feels comprehensive and beneficial.
I have never had to make a claim from this company, they have good car insurance so i imagine it will be the same.
Farmer's Insurance
I like the auto insurance side of the company, they we're superwere super quick and responsive when there was a hail storm and no worry about payment or the claim.
Liberty Mutual
I like liberty mutual home insurance because it covers more than what the current home values and it explains what it covers clearly on statement.
i rate this company a 1 i have several homes on my policy and the rates that i get are great i would not consider switching companies anytime soon