Homeowners Insurance Nevada

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Average Homeowners Insurance in Nevada: $640

Median Home Price in Nevada: $189,000

Nevada homeowners insurance rates in December 2013 stood at an average of $640 as compared to $640 in November 2013.

Insurance Premium Saving Tips in Nevada

Bundle your insurance:

Bundling home and car insurance in Nevada with the same provider will have approximately $64 to $96 of savings in Nevada

Safety Systems:

Having safety systems at home can save up to $112 in Nevada

New Home:

If your home was built within the past 10 years in Nevada, you could save up to $128

Senior Discounts:

Senior citizens (55 or older) in Nevada could save approximately $128

Home Insurance Monthly Trends

The below graph compares Nevadas home median prices against, renters and owners home insurance average rates in Nevada.
Place Home Insurance Cost Savings
Clark County, NV$544 to $735$255
Las Vegas, NV$541 to $732$254
Washoe County, NV$555 to $751$261
Henderson, NV$557 to $755$262
Reno, NV$554 to $751$260
Paradise, NV$538 to $729$253
North Las Vegas, NV$536 to $726$252
Sunrise Manor, NV$523 to $709$246
Clark, NV$561 to $763$264
Spring Valley, NV$544 to $738$256
Enterprise, NV$553 to $752$261
Sparks, NV$546 to $742$257
North Valleys, NV$534 to $726$252
Carson, NV$552 to $751$260
Lyon County, NV$530 to $720$250
Elko County, NV$541 to $736$255
Douglas County, NV$574 to $784$271
Nye County, NV$524 to $713$247
Whitney, NV$524 to $712$247
Elko, NV$546 to $742$257
Pahrump, NV$527 to $718$248
Winchester, NV$522 to $715$247
Churchill County, NV$534 to $727$252
Fallon, NV$534 to $727$252
Summerlin South, NV$590 to $812$280
Sun Valley, NV$518 to $707$244
Fernley, NV$527 to $720$249
Humboldt County, NV$532 to $723$250
Spanish Springs, NV$559 to $762$264
Mesquite, NV$544 to $744$257
Dayton, NV$533 to $728$252
Boulder City, NV$555 to $761$263
Spring Creek, NV$549 to $748$259
Washoe Valley, NV$586 to $805$278
Winnemucca, NV$533 to $727$252
Gardnerville Ranchos, NV$555 to $758$262
White Pine County, NV$520 to $709$245
Cold Springs, NV$524 to $720$248
Yerington, NV$526 to $719$249
Genoa-Jacks Valley, NV$576 to $815$278
Incline Village, NV$669 to $951$324
Silver Springs, NV$518 to $715$246
Verdi, NV$574 to $797$274
Laughlin, NV$531 to $727$251
Pershing County, NV$524 to $722$249
Moapa Valley, NV$549 to $757$261
Johnson Lane, NV$592 to $812$280
Gardnerville, NV$551 to $757$261
Indian Hills, NV$548 to $762$262
Ely, NV$525 to $720$249
Lander County, NV$517 to $711$245
Lovelock, NV$521 to $720$248
Lincoln County, NV$527 to $730$251
Battle Mountain, NV$516 to $710$245
Lemmon Valley, NV$530 to $727$251
Mineral County, NV$513 to $702$242
West Wendover, NV$516 to $711$245
Zephyr Cove, NV$615 to $888$300
Storey County, NV$539 to $746$257
Hawthorne, NV$514 to $703$243
Minden, NV$568 to $787$271
Nellis AFB, NV$506 to $794$260
Tonopah, NV$512 to $698$242
Carlin, NV$520 to $712$246
Pioche, NV$516 to $720$247
Topaz Lake, NV$544 to $744$257
Golden Valley, NV$545 to $778$264
Round Mountain, NV$506 to $696$240
Wells, NV$530 to $733$252
Eureka County, NV$516 to $715$246
Golconda, NV$514 to $704$243
McGill, NV$507 to $698$241
Kingsbury, NV$559 to $880$287
Pyramid Lake, NV$517 to $711$245
Topaz Ranch Estates, NV$537 to $729$253
Eureka, NV$525 to $726$250
McDermitt, NV$516 to $742$251
Jackpot, NV$490 to $674$232
Smith Valley, NV$557 to $775$266
Mogul, NV$582 to $805$277
Sandy Valley, NV$519 to $712$246
Ruth, NV$505 to $696$240
Caliente, NV$518 to $733$250
Imlay, NV$523 to $726$250
Panaca, NV$518 to $710$245
Mountain City, NV$506 to $694$240
Stagecoach, NV$514 to $716$246
Alamo, NV$533 to $749$256
Ruhenstroth, NV$565 to $774$267
Owyhee, NV$501 to $697$239
Bunkerville, NV$519 to $751$254
Amargosa Valley, NV$513 to $713$244
Beatty, NV$501 to $687$237
Grass Valley, NV$524 to $726$250
Indian Springs, NV$505 to $697$240
Esmeralda County, NV$503 to $693$239
Pine Nut, NV$617 to $893$302
Stateline, NV$499 to $714$242
Virginia City, NV$539 to $773$262
Wadsworth, NV$516 to $717$246
Genoa, NV$596 to $1,021$323
Fish Springs, NV$600 to $842$288
Fallon Station, NV$490 to $661$230
Lund, NV$518 to $718$247
Moapa Town, NV$508 to $744$250
Round Hill Village, NV$606 to $882$297
Walker River, NV$506 to $707$242
Gabbs, NV$495 to $673$233
Osino, NV$459 to $798$251
Schurz, NV$506 to $705$242
Austin, NV$495 to $750$249
Goldfield, NV$501 to $707$241
Silver Peak, NV$505 to $690$238
High Desert, NV$460 to $772$246
Fort McDermitt, NV$493 to $684$235
Searchlight, NV$491 to $756$249
Nixon, NV$518 to $740$251
Blue Diamond, NV$554 to $823$275
Carter Springs, NV$521 to $722$248
Beowawe, NV$496 to $696$238
Sutcliffe, NV$510 to $695$240
Duckwater, NV$506 to $694$240
Walker Lake, NV$486 to $729$243
Crescent Valley, NV$493 to $688$236
Montello, NV$378 to $791$234
Lakeridge, NV$778 to $1,052$366
Mount Charleston, NV$493 to $998$298
Hiko, NV$547 to $936$296
Skyland, NV$623 to $1,123$348
Baker, NV$503 to $734$247
Jarbidge, NV$435 to $850$257
Paradise Valley, NV$553 to $829$276
Summit Lake, NV$513 to $759$254
Glenbrook, NV$778 to $1,052$366
Gerlach, NV$497 to $727$244
Crystal Bay, NV$391 to $1,267$331
Double Spring, NV$603 to $921$304
Dyer, NV$499 to $742$248
Cal-Nev-Ari, NV$497 to $702$240
Mina, NV$447 to $731$235
Orovada, NV$438 to $1,072$302
Dixie Valley, NV$483 to $723$241
Lamoille, NV$479 to $752$246
Nelson, NV$512 to $713$244
Rachel, NV$577 to $833$282
Ursine, NV$484 to $783$253
Preston, NV$490 to $661$230
Empire, NV$490 to $661$230
Kingston, NV$505 to $707$242
Bennett Springs, NV$490 to $661$230
Ralston Valley, NV$490 to $661$230
Humboldt River Ranch, NV$557 to $791$269
Dry Valley, NV$509 to $757$253
Mount Wilson, NV$489 to $874$272
Oasis, NV$490 to $661$230
Cherry Creek, NV$490 to $661$230
Yucca Flat, NV$490 to $661$230
Valmy, NV$490 to $661$230
Carson Sink, NV$490 to $661$230
Logan Creek, NV$490 to $661$230
Goodsprings, NV$490 to $661$230
Denio, NV$490 to $661$230
Beaverdam, NV$490 to $661$230

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