Homeowners Insurance Delaware

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Average Homeowners Insurance in Delaware: $780

Median Home Price in Delaware: $244,900

Delaware homeowners insurance rates in December 2013 stood at an average of $780 as compared to $770 in November 2013.

Insurance Premium Saving Tips in Delaware

Bundle your insurance:

Bundling home and car insurance in Delaware with the same provider will have approximately $78 to $117 of savings in Delaware

Safety Systems:

Having safety systems at home can save up to $137 in Delaware

New Home:

If your home was built within the past 10 years in Delaware, you could save up to $156

Senior Discounts:

Senior citizens (55 or older) in Delaware could save approximately $156

Home Insurance Monthly Trends

The below graph compares Delawares home median prices against, renters and owners home insurance average rates in Delaware.
Place Home Insurance Cost Savings
New Castle County, DE$665 to $900$312
Sussex County, DE$662 to $897$311
Kent County, DE$652 to $884$307
New Castle, DE$649 to $879$305
Brandywine, DE$675 to $916$318
Dover, DE$650 to $880$305
Wilmington, DE$644 to $874$304
Newark, DE$665 to $902$313
Glasgow, DE$673 to $914$317
Lower Christiana, DE$652 to $882$306
Selbyville-Frankford, DE$680 to $927$321
Piedmont, DE$717 to $975$338
Lewes, DE$692 to $942$326
Millsboro, DE$646 to $878$304
Upper Christiana, DE$659 to $893$310
Central Kent, DE$655 to $892$309
Smyrna, DE$657 to $893$310
Seaford, DE$646 to $880$305
Laurel-Delmar, DE$647 to $881$305
Bear, DE$646 to $880$305
Georgetown, DE$651 to $891$308
Brookside, DE$650 to $882$306
Milton, DE$671 to $917$317
Hockessin, DE$709 to $967$335
Harrington, DE$645 to $879$304
Bridgeville-Greenwood, DE$653 to $890$308
Milford, DE$646 to $879$304
Red Lion, DE$677 to $926$320
Wilmington Manor, DE$648 to $882$305
Claymont, DE$652 to $885$307
North Star, DE$714 to $973$337
Pike Creek, DE$683 to $929$322
Felton, DE$647 to $884$306
Kenton, DE$657 to $900$311
Elsmere, DE$641 to $871$302
Edgemoor, DE$647 to $882$305
Highland Acres, DE$662 to $903$312
Laurel, DE$635 to $867$300
Camden, DE$647 to $884$306
Dover Base Housing, DE$597 to $807$280
Rising Sun-Lebanon, DE$659 to $909$313
Selbyville, DE$662 to $915$315
Clayton, DE$649 to $892$308
Riverview, DE$653 to $904$311
Greenville, DE$770 to $1,079$369
Bridgeville, DE$658 to $908$312
Long Neck, DE$615 to $838$290
Ocean View, DE$692 to $948$328
Townsend, DE$670 to $919$318
Delaware City, DE$647 to $885$306
Kent Acres, DE$641 to $887$305
Delmar, DE$633 to $864$299
Cheswold, DE$617 to $849$293
Wyoming, DE$647 to $885$306
Blades, DE$626 to $860$297
Bellefonte, DE$653 to $890$308
Rodney Village, DE$633 to $860$298
Rehoboth Beach, DE$819 to $1,140$392
Newport, DE$646 to $879$304
Dagsboro, DE$656 to $894$310
Frankford, DE$644 to $884$305
Greenwood, DE$637 to $877$302
Frederica, DE$635 to $868$300
Millville, DE$669 to $914$316
Bethany Beach, DE$722 to $1,000$344
Arden, DE$685 to $936$324
Houston, DE$638 to $876$302
Odessa, DE$666 to $931$319
South Bethany, DE$767 to $1,069$367
Fenwick Island, DE$777 to $1,120$379
Ellendale, DE$629 to $876$301
Ardentown, DE$669 to $929$319
Dewey Beach, DE$696 to $1,077$354
Ardencroft, DE$671 to $935$321
Little Creek, DE$625 to $865$298
Bethel, DE$654 to $905$311
Bowers, DE$640 to $929$314
Viola, DE$632 to $893$304
Woodside, DE$637 to $878$302
Magnolia, DE$627 to $878$300
Slaughter Beach, DE$713 to $994$341
Henlopen Acres, DE$868 to $1,173$408
Leipsic, DE$631 to $878$301
Farmington, DE$623 to $849$294
Hartly, DE$638 to $894$306

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