Homeowners Insurance Colorado

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Average Homeowners Insurance in Colorado: $900

Median Home Price in Colorado: $285,000

Colorado homeowners insurance rates in December 2013 stood at an average of $900 as compared to $900 in November 2013.

Insurance Premium Saving Tips in Colorado

Bundle your insurance:

Bundling home and car insurance in Colorado with the same provider will have approximately $90 to $135 of savings in Colorado

Safety Systems:

Having safety systems at home can save up to $158 in Colorado

New Home:

If your home was built within the past 10 years in Colorado, you could save up to $180

Senior Discounts:

Senior citizens (55 or older) in Colorado could save approximately $180

Home Insurance Monthly Trends

The below graph compares Colorados home median prices against, renters and owners home insurance average rates in Colorado.
Place Home Insurance Cost Savings
Boulder, CO$816 to $1,107$384
Black Forest-Peyton, CO$784 to $1,062$369
Dakota Ridge, CO$754 to $1,023$355
Montrose, CO$741 to $1,007$349
Montezuma County, CO$737 to $1,003$347
Columbine, CO$762 to $1,031$358
Logan County, CO$720 to $977$339
Otero County, CO$713 to $966$335
Sherrelwood, CO$731 to $990$344
Pitkin County, CO$831 to $1,181$402
Alamosa County, CO$720 to $985$340
Las Animas County, CO$724 to $987$342
Fort Carson, CO$689 to $931$324
Moffat County, CO$736 to $1,001$347
Prowers County, CO$711 to $963$334
Archuleta County, CO$762 to $1,043$361
Rio Grande County, CO$722 to $986$341
Cheyenne Mountain, CO$799 to $1,091$378
Florence, CO$720 to $980$340
Woodmoor, CO$789 to $1,074$372
Conejos County, CO$716 to $972$337
Redlands, CO$763 to $1,042$361
Stratmoor, CO$724 to $983$341
Olathe, CO$743 to $1,013$351
Orchard Mesa, CO$740 to $1,006$349
Air Force Academy, CO$689 to $931$324
Ault, CO$734 to $1,013$349
Gypsum, CO$777 to $1,069$369
Eagle, CO$791 to $1,115$380
Bent County, CO$705 to $960$333
Kersey-Gill, CO$747 to $1,019$353
Sheridan, CO$730 to $991$344
Lincoln County, CO$715 to $974$337
Dove Valley, CO$731 to $1,004$347
Edgewater, CO$737 to $1,007$348
Las Animas, CO$703 to $957$332
Yuma, CO$712 to $972$336
Washington County, CO$717 to $975$338
Walsenburg, CO$714 to $976$337
Ouray County, CO$788 to $1,086$374
Shaw Heights, CO$736 to $998$347
Dacono, CO$731 to $994$344
Paonia, CO$734 to $1,005$347
Baca County, CO$707 to $960$333
La Jara, CO$716 to $974$337
Mead, CO$757 to $1,041$359
Mancos, CO$747 to $1,028$354
Holyoke, CO$717 to $984$340
Ponderosa Park, CO$771 to $1,056$365
La Salle, CO$724 to $984$341
Whitewater-Kannah Creek, CO$748 to $1,062$362
Glade Park-Gateway, CO$763 to $1,057$364
Meridian, CO$742 to $1,074$363
Palmer Lake, CO$747 to $1,036$356
Holly Hills, CO$770 to $1,049$364
Wiggins, CO$728 to $994$344
Sedgwick County, CO$709 to $964$334
Avondale, CO$727 to $1,004$346
Collbran, CO$754 to $1,038$358
Manassa, CO$714 to $970$336
Cheyenne County, CO$709 to $963$334
Fleming, CO$716 to $990$341
Dolores County, CO$717 to $981$340
Aristocrat Ranchettes, CO$718 to $977$339
Antonito, CO$712 to $972$336
Hudson, CO$731 to $997$345
La Veta, CO$750 to $1,034$356
Haxtun, CO$719 to $984$340
Dove Creek, CO$715 to $977$338
Weston, CO$738 to $1,017$350
Byers, CO$724 to $994$344
Columbine Valley, CO$871 to $1,206$415
Ute Mountain, CO$702 to $969$334
Sargent, CO$722 to $987$341
Pine Brook Hill, CO$850 to $1,179$405
Floyd Hill, CO$779 to $1,075$370
Flagler, CO$710 to $975$336
Fraser, CO$731 to $1,032$352
Keystone, CO$592 to $1,153$348
Howard, CO$742 to $1,024$353
Calhan, CO$731 to $994$344
Inverness, CO$775 to $1,084$371
Aetna Estates, CO$692 to $941$326
Blende, CO$714 to $990$340
Yampa, CO$737 to $1,038$354
Blue River, CO$834 to $1,176$402
McClave, CO$708 to $968$335
Raymer, CO$717 to $986$340
Foxfield, CO$827 to $1,143$394
De Beque, CO$744 to $1,022$353
Weldona, CO$718 to $977$338
Swink, CO$715 to $972$337
Mount Crested Butte, CO$768 to $1,113$376
Mineral County, CO$753 to $1,041$358
Loghill Village, CO$788 to $1,127$383
Williamsburg, CO$715 to $980$339
Comanche Creek, CO$754 to $1,050$360
Somerset, CO$748 to $1,062$362
Cope, CO$714 to $983$339
Karval, CO$701 to $998$340
Crook, CO$707 to $992$340
North La Junta, CO$708 to $963$334
Watkins, CO$775 to $1,064$368
Woodlin, CO$697 to $983$336
Dinosaur, CO$706 to $964$333
Olney Springs, CO$702 to $960$332
Sapinero, CO$762 to $1,118$376
Downieville-Lawson-Dumont, CO$720 to $1,027$349
Sheridan Lake, CO$698 to $988$336
Lewis, CO$698 to $1,059$351
El Moro, CO$731 to $999$346
Arriba, CO$709 to $967$335
Allenspark, CO$762 to $1,037$359
Morgan Heights, CO$723 to $1,054$355
Crowley, CO$701 to $960$332
Rico, CO$748 to $1,047$359
St. Ann Highlands, CO$764 to $1,114$376
Campo, CO$697 to $957$330
Woody Creek, CO$958 to $1,295$450
Redvale, CO$706 to $1,046$350
Pleasant View, CO$747 to $1,061$361
Catherine, CO$458 to $1,415$374
Eckley, CO$706 to $963$333
North Washington, CO$722 to $989$342
Empire, CO$716 to $1,000$343
Red Cliff, CO$771 to $1,093$372
Atwood, CO$741 to $1,015$351
Garden City, CO$711 to $981$338
Bonanza Mountain Estates, CO$769 to $1,083$370
Portland, CO$727 to $1,150$375
City of Creede, CO$722 to $1,014$347
Copper Mountain, CO$731 to $1,093$365
Gerrard, CO$726 to $1,026$350
Brookside, CO$724 to $996$344
Snyder, CO$669 to $1,012$336
Cokedale, CO$694 to $1,000$338
Hoehne, CO$697 to $946$328
Branson, CO$707 to $970$335
Sugarloaf, CO$832 to $1,185$403
Mountain Meadows, CO$758 to $1,100$371
Seibert, CO$709 to $969$336
No Name, CO$601 to $1,225$365
Hasty, CO$691 to $954$329
Coaldale, CO$686 to $1,097$356
Eldora, CO$689 to $931$324
St. Marys, CO$739 to $1,023$352
Sedgwick, CO$698 to $956$330
Cochetopa, CO$697 to $1,046$348
Black Hawk, CO$735 to $1,032$353
Rollinsville, CO$724 to $1,026$350
Moffat, CO$715 to $1,001$343
Peyton, CO$689 to $931$324
Vineland, CO$681 to $1,072$350
Brick Center, CO$689 to $931$324
Segundo, CO$715 to $1,038$350
Marble, CO$748 to $1,042$358
Valmont, CO$958 to $1,295$450
Idledale, CO$718 to $1,054$354
Haswell, CO$695 to $963$331
Conejos, CO$686 to $1,002$337
Towner, CO$701 to $968$333
Crisman, CO$689 to $931$324
Alpine, CO$689 to $931$324
Westcreek, CO$690 to $1,036$345
Piedra, CO$497 to $1,185$336
Paoli, CO$694 to $976$334
San Acacio, CO$697 to $966$332
Goldfield, CO$689 to $931$324
Heeney, CO$689 to $931$324
Norrie, CO$689 to $931$324
McCoy, CO$689 to $931$324
Colona, CO$689 to $931$324
Vernon, CO$689 to $931$324
La Junta Gardens, CO$689 to $931$324
Bonanza, CO$684 to $972$331
Wolcott, CO$689 to $931$324
Amherst, CO$689 to $931$324
Hidden Lake, CO$689 to $931$324
Fulford, CO$689 to $931$324
Garfield, CO$689 to $931$324

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