Homeowners Insurance Arizona

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Average Homeowners Insurance in Arizona: $630

Median Home Price in Arizona: $215,000

Arizona homeowners insurance rates in December 2013 stood at an average of $630 as compared to $610 in November 2013.

Insurance Premium Saving Tips in Arizona

Bundle your insurance:

Bundling home and car insurance in Arizona with the same provider will have approximately $63 to $95 of savings in Arizona

Safety Systems:

Having safety systems at home can save up to $110 in Arizona

New Home:

If your home was built within the past 10 years in Arizona, you could save up to $126

Senior Discounts:

Senior citizens (55 or older) in Arizona could save approximately $126

Home Insurance Monthly Trends

The below graph compares Arizonas home median prices against, renters and owners home insurance average rates in Arizona.
Place Home Insurance Cost Savings
Fort Apache, AZ$494 to $675$234
Clifton, AZ$500 to $679$236
Doney Park, AZ$548 to $758$261
Oracle, AZ$514 to $724$247
Kearny, AZ$508 to $690$239
Sells, AZ$495 to $676$234
Lukachukai, AZ$494 to $683$235
Winkelman, AZ$492 to $671$232
Naco, AZ$498 to $696$238
Round Rock, AZ$486 to $687$234
Second Mesa, AZ$498 to $718$243
Bluewater, AZ$500 to $683$236
Arizona Village, AZ$471 to $683$230
Peach Springs, AZ$498 to $696$238
Icehouse Canyon, AZ$508 to $722$246
Hondah, AZ$493 to $672$233
Rancho Mesa Verde, AZ$495 to $673$233
Nazlini, AZ$503 to $693$239
Littletown, AZ$501 to $698$239
Why, AZ$476 to $666$228
Pisinemo, AZ$481 to $707$237
Oxbow Estates, AZ$523 to $789$262
Truxton, AZ$493 to $670$232
Ali Chuk, AZ$468 to $694$232
Oatman, AZ$491 to $666$231
Roosevelt, AZ$482 to $652$226
Jakes Corner, AZ$445 to $823$253
Tonto Village, AZ$456 to $730$236
Campo Bonito, AZ$482 to $652$226
South Komelik, AZ$482 to $652$226
Rye, AZ$482 to $652$226
Sunwest, AZ$482 to $652$226
Willow Canyon, AZ$482 to $652$226
Topock, AZ$482 to $652$226

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