State Farm, Denver, CO
Agent: Stephanie Sponder
Home Insurance Rate of $80/1 month for $250,000 Coverage
We live in a single family home of 1500 square feet with 2 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms worth about $300,000. Replacement cost estimates are about $250k.
We are a newly married couple with no kids, dogs, guests or anything that should increase our home insurance or accidents. Our credit rating is pretty solid as well.
Price Rating
We chose StateFarm primarily because of the brand name & an agent we could get on the phone with if anything went wrong. Our deductible is about $1000.
Customer Service
We have not had any complaints so far on the customer service. Although, I like the option of talking to a human- I wish their online capability was improved so that I could get most of work done online.
We failed a small claim for $5000 for some plumbing issues & they resolved it without much issues
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GEICO, Birmingham, AL
Agent: Rhonda Evans
Home Insurance Rate of $176/2 months for $235,000 Coverage
My house is a new purchase & we recently moved from another state and are looking to figure out if we can get any insurance discounts.
We smoke once in a while but are careful of doing it in the house. We have a spectacular credit score with zero debt & a fully paid down house with grown kids out of the house.
Price Rating
I was referred to my agent through a family friend and I checked out his reference through our people & he came out okay.
Customer Service
My agency's service has been what my references have mentioned. They have been pretty good without being pushy.
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Allstate, Atlanta, GA
Agent: William H. Kelly
Home Insurance Rate of $84/1 month for $145,000 Coverage
I live in a middle class location with lots of professionals. This part of suburbia has very little crime & other issues.
I have a small home office and work from here on Fridays but during Monday to Thursday I am on the road with my sales job. I am a single divorced guy.
Price Rating
Large disasters like Hurricane Sandy test the financials of a company & also the real character. I went with the insurer who I think will behave the most honorably in a crisis
During a local weather event, they were pretty good at re-imbursing claims from neibhors & me.
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Allstate, Tulsa, OK
Agent: Jimmy Willis
Home Insurance Rate of $738/6 months for $180,000 Coverage
My condo is recently built & the building material and everything else that could reduce the risk of any hazards is top class according to me.
I have a cat & I am a single woman who has a a decent credit score.
Price Rating
I like that I can talk to my agent & speak to them for any questions or customer service or claims I may have in the future.
Customer Service
They have been helpful & I look forward to continuing the relationship.
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GEICO, Portland, OR
Home Insurance Rate of $76/2 months for $300,000 Coverage
I have all the latest equipment in our kitchen, bathroom & living room. So protecting them from accident because of us or our guests is an important part of us going with good insurance.
My mother lives with me and I have a decent credit score with my house paid for
Price Rating
GEICO doesn't have too many options & its basically their way or the highway. But their plans are the cheapest for what they offer.
Customer Service
Pretty much non-existent in terms of options. They are available but not much follow through.
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Allstate, Milwaukee, WI
Agent: Cyndy Johnson
Home Insurance Rate of $636/12 months for $245,000 Coverage
Our area has never seen a crime or theft ever since I have been living hear so I think any insurance costs because of theft should be negligible.
We have kids who are out of the house and with their own family who live close to us.
Price Rating
Constant updates, advertising & calls from agents finally made me look at my policy & helped me make the choice to a cheaper provider.
Customer Service
Too new to judge on the customer service but thier communication via email is fine.
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State Farm, Minneapolis, MN
Agent: Brandon Walter
Home Insurance Rate of $87/1 month for $250,000 Coverage
I am not exactly sure of our house replacement value but I am presuming that its about 60% of our home value which is about $200,000.
We have occassional guests , mainly my in laws who visit us over the summer. But, they are careful & delibrate so there is less risk from them.
Price Rating
I speak to our agent once in a while to understand what the rate & additional pemium charges & I don't get a straight answer all the time. I will switch to another provider during our renewal time.
Customer Service
Very unclear when I ask for specific things and not response to my needs and slow.
I tried to file a claim for a small amount but just gave up after trying to navigate the phone trees.
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Allstate, El Paso, TX
Agent: Nora Saenz
Home Insurance Rate of $80/1 month for $300,000 Coverage
I live in a big lot of more than a half acre & more than 5000 sft house with 4 bedrooms & 5 bathrooms with basement, TV room & other latest gadgets.
Our rating is in the 600's from equifax & I guess it must be the same for the other two agencies.
Price Rating
Our policy from Allstate is for $300,000 with some additional protection. We think got a decent deal.
Customer Service
Our customer experience has been pretty good so far.
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Liberty Mutual, Austin, TX
Agent: Jake Aldinger
Home Insurance Rate of $267/3 months for $100,000 Coverage
While our house is about $300,000, our lot cost is about $200,000 of that which leaves us $100,000 to replace our house which is the amount we decided to insure.
We have guests coming from time to time from my wife's side of the family so its better to get some protection in case things go wrong.
Price Rating
Our agent is polite & always available to explain any issues of our policies we don't understand & we are happy to pay a little extra for that benefit.
Customer Service
Like I said, our agent is great & been very helpful
Our agent helped us with a complicated claim related to one of our inventory items. It took some work but it got done because of our agent.
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GEICO, San Antonio, TX
Agent: Dempsey Ballard
Home Insurance Rate of $85/1 month for $175,000 Coverage
Our home has all the modern amenities to reduce the risk of accidents and therefore the lower our claims & home insurance
Our parents live with us but they have a separate room with their own kitchen from the main house so the chances of them causing accidents is less.
Price Rating
I like the flexibility & additional features offered by GEICO. We have all sorts of special additions & exemptions because of what we want & our agent helped us guide us to that choice.
Customer Service
We are happy with our rep who helped us navigate all the complexity.
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Ajit Jain’s Contribution to Berkshire Hathaway Insurance

Berkshire Hathaway is the big daddy of the insurance world. In that world, Ajit Jain, Warren Buffett’s likely successor, runs the Berkshire Hathaway Reinsurance division and is the central piece of the Berkshire Hathaway Insurance machine.
As part of our analysis of the big picture drivers of the insurance industry, we looked at Ajit Jain’s contribution. Here are some charts & data explaining Ajit Jain’s contribution to Berkshire Hathaway.

Ajit Jain’s BH Reinsurance Float Contribution

Float makes the insurance world go around. In fact, the reason for Berkshire’s outperformance over the years is the access to ...

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Google Fusion Tables Maps: Step by Step Guide Using Home Insurance Rates Data

At we love data, visualizations and showing complicated data & figures in simple and understandable ways. We have been experimenting with different tools to visually show our extremely detailed location specific Homeowner Insurance data (e.g. See Houston Home Insurance).
Here we have given a detailed step by step guide on how to use Google Fusion Table data, a free service by Google to visualize and represent data on a map.

Step 1: Go to Google Fusion Tables

You must have a Google Account to start using Fusion Tables. If you don’t have a Google Account sign up ...

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Climate Change will increase your home insurance

One of key macro trends affecting your home insurance rates is the increased risk of climate change & its resulting impact on extreme weather events.  Here for example is a chart from Allianz Global from on some of the costliest storms for the Insurance industry.

Of course, Post Sandy home insurance rates sky rocketed to sometimes more than $20,000 in rare cases. These rate increases are not just a post sandy phenomenon. Munich Re one of the largest re-insurance companies in the world put our research asserting that rising sea levels had increased the risk of catastrophic events.

To understand ...

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Ranking of States in Adoption of Energy Star certified homes

Arizona, Nevada and Maryland were the top 3 states in the adoption of Energy star certified homes in 2013 at 48%, 28% & 24% respectively. Adoption is the percentage of Energy star certified homes of total homes built in 2013.

After the top 3 states, the following 9 states came next and had an adoption rate of more than 10%

  1. Vermont: 18.9%

  2. Delaware: 18.9%

  3. North Carolina:  14.7%

  4. Texas: 14.1%

  5. Iowa: 14.1%

  6. New Hampshire: 13.2%

  7. Idaho: 12.9%

  8. Ohio: 11.2%

  9. New Mexico: 10.7%

The performance of Arizona, Florida & North Carolina is especially notable since ...

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Personal Involvement & close working relationships with builder is key in Energy Star Certification

Energy Star certified homes must be at least 30% more energy efficient than national guidelines or 15% more efficient than state guidelines, whichever is stricter. However, the process of certification requires a close co-ordination between the home owner, the builder & the energy rater.

Building science principles to get Energy Certifiedare multi faceted & home owners needs to familiarize themselves with different inter-related concepts including:

  • Comprehensive Thermal Enclosure System through air sealing, insulation, and high-performance windows

  • More energy efficient heating and cooling systems through High-efficiency systems that deliver better moisture control & improved indoor air quality

  • Water Management System to protect roofs ...

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Arizona’s Incentives Drive High Adoption of Energy Star Certified Homes

Arizona has one of the highest adoption of Energy Star certified homes at 48% of total homes in 2013. About 11, 500 homes were Energy Star certified in 2013 alone bringing the total to about 126,000.  One of the key reasons behind any successful energy star programs is an incentive program to jump start & increase the adoption of making your house more energy efficient.  

Here are some key Energy Star partnerships in Arizona to increase adoption rates:

  • Arizona Public Service (602-250-3455): Production homebuilders may receive incentives of $1,000 or $1,500 for ENERGY STAR certified new homes. Certified ...

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